The Blueseum of Fine Art  “Where every show is a blues festival” with John Peyton and Chris Jagger.  

The Blueseum of Fine Art airs coast to coast in over 35 markets with the very best from primitive recordings to live electric performances. It’s our pleasure to feature the best of the Delta, Chicago, Memphis, West Coast, Texas, British Blues and more. Featuring the very best rock and blues works, rare interviews and recordings from the Rolling Stones, B.B King, Big Mama Thornton, Eric Clapton, Etta James, Howlin’ Wolf, Led Zeppelin, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Stevie Ray Vaughan, T-Bone Walker and many more. Learn more 

For the Record with Jody DenbergFor the Record Radio Hour brings you exclusive interviews and recordings from music's newest artists as well as legendary performers with Jody Denberg.  

For the Record From Classic Rock to Alternative, from World Music to Americana, to Jazz, Folk, Blues and Country. Jody Denberg talks to all types of great musicians. For the Record welcomes the likes of Paul McCartney, R.E.M., Neil Young, Lucinda Williams, Tom Petty, Patti Smith, Willie Nelson, Alejandro Escovedo, Tom Waits and countless others. Learn more 

The Roadhouse Revival “Hold on to your grits”… we’re in hog heaven celebrating 10 years” and over 500 Righteous Rockin' Radio Shows” with John Peyton and Chris Jagger

The Roadhouse Revival is the most unique syndicated radio show today...hold on to your grits ‘cause this is The Roadhouse Revival, the best rockin’ gospel boogie this side of the Jordan River! The Roadhouse Revival brings you the most inspirational songs and rare interviews from the world’s greatest mainstream rock and blues artists. Featuring many rare archived cuts. Not a lick of preachin’...the music does all the talkin’. Learn more

The Lone Star Revival “This ain’t your everyday Sunday hayride” with John Peyton and Chris Jagger.

The Lonestar Revival Radio Show is devoted to bringing you the most uplifting musical works and rare interviews from country music’s biggest artists. The Lone Star Revival has gathered the very best inspirational music from hundreds of mainstream country artists, and has built an extensive music library of archived rare cuts, culled from the recordings of yesterday and today. “This ain’t your everyday Sunday hayride”...This is The Lonestar Revival Radio Show! Learn more 

Jerry’s Hall of Fame Country Presented by Supermodel Jerry Hall and Chris Jagger  

Chris Jagger thought it was time that Jerry Hall a Daughter of the Republic of Texas and honorary consul of the state of Texas living in London introduce her favorite recordings and the stories connected with the times she had back in Texas growing up. Jerry Hall exclaims, “Country music, as the songwriter Harlan Howard put it in the 60s, “is nothing more or less than 3 chords and the truth” Our enduring fascination with the myth of the cowboy continues. Learn more 

The Western Swing Time Radio Show broadcasting to you from the wilds of Oregon's Willamette Valley... "It's the Western Swing Time Radio Show!" with Tex Hill.  

Hey kids! Gather round! Do you know what time it is? "It's Western Swing Time Radio Show" time! Yessiree, it's time to gather 'round the old radio and listen to some of the best Western Swing music, this side of the Pecos river. The Western Swing Time Radio Show plays both classic and contemporary Western and Texas swing...the music that Bob Wills (the patron saint of Western swing) helped put on the musical map. From Bob Wills to the Tune Wranglers to Asleep at the Wheel, you can hear them all.

Pop Haydn’s Radio Medicine Show It’ll make you feel better” with Whit “Pop” Haydn  

Pop Haydn’s Radio Medicine Show comes direct to the 21st Century from his luminiferous aetherial network presenting the very finest music, comedy and entertainment through the miracle of modern radio-magnetism. Friends, this is not only intended as a refuge for our fellow expatriates from another century, but for all those who long for a simpler sound and a gentler pace. This is a pleasant medicine that offers a balm for the weary ear, and for the worried heart. It will make you feel better! And now, here is our time-traveling impresario and certifiable genius, our Professor of Radio-Medicine, Pop Haydn!  

behindthehitsBehind the Hits Radio Show “Where great county songwriters talk about great country songs” with host Ty Hager

Join Ty Hager as he chats with the writers of some of Country’s biggest hits. Hear the stories behind the songs, clips from the original songwriter demos and, of course, the hits themselves! You’ll hear from Rivers Rutherford how the Brad Paisley/Dolly Parton hit “When I Get Where I’m Goin didn’t start out as a gospel song, how Tim McGraw’s “Real Good Man” almost didn’t get written, find out from Walt Aldridge details how Heartland’s $600 demo of his song “I Loved Her First” became an ACM Record of the Year nominee! These stories and more on Behind the Hits.

Talkin’ Boxing “The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Boxing Talk Radio” with Billy C

Bill Calogero and producer Jeremy Calogero interview the biggest names in boxing. Commentary by the industry insiders and the ONLY place in the world that you'll hear fighters go "Head 2 Head" days before they meet in the ring!. Talkin Boxing With Billy C features Don King, Tony Danza, Mike Tyson, Vivian Harris, Corena Moreno, Iceman Scully and many more! Talkin’ Boxing, the #1 Boxing Talk Radio Show in the country!