Jagger Peyton partners with ROK Radio, a revolution in mobile entertainment

ROK RADIO broadcasts The Blueseum of Fine Art and The Roadhouse Revival radio shows with John Peyton and Chris Jagger to hundreds of thousands of mobile phone subscribers in Europe and China. ROK RADIO The best mobile Radio solution in the world. What more do we need to say. Enter your details to try out ROK Radio.

ROK Radio is a revolution in mobile entertainment. ROK Radio = iPod + iTunes + Radio + Mobile. Using the ROK Player™ media software, ROK Radio provides consumers with the ultimate 'all in one' radio experience.

The key differentiators are that it works on mobile all of the time and has a subscription payment option, station by station, providing a new revenue stream for broadcasters. Users can download music from mobile to mobile: hear a track you want and download it from the play list menu for a per track payment.

ROK Radio uses normal phone functionality, the Radio automatically pauses on call or message received. ROK Radio also enables station hopping. Available stations can be selected from the handset.

ROK Radio is the ultimate enhancement to the mobile entertainment market – Music Anywhere, Anytime!

ROK Radio Mobile Screenshot             Want Radio on your mobile? You can now receive great radio stations on you Mobile Phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Click here to download ROK Radio

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